Pure & Natural “SUPPIN-ISM”

Pure & Natural “SUPPIN-ISM”

At Fukumitsuya, we set our own non-additive standards for the skincare lines.
With a strong belief in the power of a natural ferment derived from rice and fermentation, as well as with a desire to provide products in as pure form as possible, we do not use additives such as fragrance, coloring, petroleum-derived preservative and petroleum-derived surfactant.

  • Fragrance-free, coloring-free
  • No petroleum-derived preservative
  • No petroleum-derived surfactant

“FRS-14”, truly natural beauty serum derived from fermentation

It is no secret that sake brewery workers have young-looking hands.
Kanazawa’s long-established brewery Fukumitsuya took notice of the skincare benefit of sake and successfully created FRS-14, a ferment with the optimal balance of active ingredients to hydrate skin. FRS-14 is a highly moisturizing ferment rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

FRS refers to “Fermented Rice Solution.”

Amino acid composition in fermented rice solution

26 types of amino acids help skin keep hydrated. FRS-14 has 25% more amino acid content than the conventional fermented rice solution containing alcohol.

Moisturizing capability of “FRS-14”

FRS-14 provides more moisturizing effect to skin than the conventional fermented rice solution containing alcohol. The test shows that the level of hydration increased by 27% after 8 days of use of FRS-14 versus the conventional fermented rice solution containing alcohol.

Pure & Natural “SUPPIN-ISM”
SUPPIN ISM Cleansing Liquid
(Makeup remover)
Cleansing liquid formulated with 30% Fermented Rice Solution, FRS-14. Free from mineral oil. Used with wet hands, face and easily removes make up.
SUPPIN ISM Cleansing Liquid(Makeup remover)
SUPPIN ISM Cleansing Foam
(Facial cleanser)
Formulated with full of beauty ingredients derived from rice. Bouncy foams leave the skin perfectly moisturized.
Naturally derived ingredients100%
SUPPIN ISM Cleansing Foam(Facial cleanser)
SUPPIN ISM Essence Lotion
(Face Toner)
Formulated with 97% Fermented Rice Solution, FRS-14. Absorbs quickly and non-greasy after feel. Leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.
SUPPIN ISM Essence Lotion(Face Toner)
SUPPIN ISM Essence Milk
(Milky Lotion)
Luxury Milky Lotion formulated with Fermented Rice Solution, FRS-14 and Squalene, Vitamin C derivative, Jojoba oil, Magwa root bark extract.
SUPPIN ISM Essence Milk(Milky Lotion)
Formulated with plant extracts containing Fermented Rice Solution, FRS-14 and Squalene derived from rice. Light and greaseless texture.
Naturally derived ingredients100%
Trial Kit
Kit contains Cleansing Liquid 30mL, Washing Cream 25g, Essence Lotion 30mL and Essence Milk 10mL. Start with our trial kit. It is also great for travel.
Trial Kit