The Fermentation Research Lab is a group of dedicated researchers who try to unlock the possibilities of old biotechnology. In pursuit of the concept of “Tradition x Science”, the lab continues to test, analyze, verify and assess the benefit of various fermentation-derived ingredients, delivering innovative products under the brand “KOME LAB.”
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Fukumitsuya’s Fermentation Research Lab has been engaged in researching beneficial ingredients and rice fermentation of sake. Carrying on the traditional fermentation technique, the lab harnesses the insights gained from numerous investigations of yeast cultivation into better product development.

Fermentation is old biotechnology whose safety has been proven over a few thousand years. However, we do not yet fully understand the mechanism of this natural process. Its great potential is still largely unexplored.

KOME LAB was born from the lab’s endless pursuit for innovation. We are committed to make available quality beauty and wellbeing products with proven ingredients derived from fermentation. It is our pledge that we will never compromise on the quality.

Innovation creates tradition and generates new innovation. The possibilities are endless. Fukumitsuya as a leader in rice fermentation, will continue to conduct research and development on fermentation-based products.

Our challenge continues.


KOME LABO Sake Yeast Extract(Moisturizing Essence)

“FT15” is the most potent among 300 types of sake yeast Fukumitsuya possesses. It is rich in nutrients like essential amino acids and highly capable of producing amino acids that form the main component of NMF.*

・NMF* Natural Moisturizing Factor
・Undilluted extract consists of 5 hundred million beautifying sake yeast cells/20㎖
・Naturally derived ingredients 100%

KOME LABO Sake Yeast Extract(Moisturizing Essence)