The First and Only Japanese Sake Brewery to
Conclude a Preferred Partnership Agreement
with Relais & Chateaux

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery (Head Office: Kanazawa, Japan) concluded a preferred partnership agreement with Relais & Chateaux (Headquaters: Paris, France), an organization of world-class hotels and restaurants, to disseminate Japanese junmai sake (free from distilled alcohol and any additives) and promote sales to well-to-do people both domestically and overseas.

First and Only Japanese Sake Brewery
to be a Preferred Partner

Relais & Chateaux is a worldwide organization of famous hotels and restaurants. Since its establishment in 1954, high-end hotels and restaurants that met strict criteria have joined the organization, and the number of members is now about 540. According to the vision that was declared at UNESCO, Paris, in November 2014, a pledge consisting of 20 items to preserve the diversity and abundance of terroir, hospitality and food culture under the key concept of“ A more abundant world of cuisine and hospitality” was adopted. The members are not only seeking authentic products, but are also sharing and abiding by the pledge. Many high-class hotels and restaurants with a high ranking in the Michelin guidebooks have joined the organization. In Japan, 20 facilities have joined, including Ishikawa Prefecture’s Japanese-style hotel Beniya Mukayu and the Japanese-style restaurant Zeniya.
Fukumitsuya concluded a preferred partnership agreement in November, 2016, as the first and only brewery in Japan to do so. We will disseminate Japanese junmai sake and promote its sales to the well-to-do both domestically and overseas.

The Annual World Conference of Relais & Chateaux was
held in Japan for the first time.

The Annual World Conference of Relais & Chateaux was held in Japan from November 28 for four days. It was the first such conference to be held in Japan. Fukumitsuya presented our top vintage sake“ Mizuho” and“ Kagatobi”, a dry sake brewed using advanced techniques, at“ Partner’s Village” and“ Japanese Market” for two days. After the conference, the president Mr. &Mrs. Gombert and some chefs of the members visited our brewery on December 2 as part of an optional tour.

Fukumitsuya Sake Brewery

The oldest sake brewery in Kanazawa, founded in 1625. Since 1960, Fukumitsuya has been using contract-farmed sake rice and“ one-hundred-year-old water” that is taken from the foot of the sacred Mt. Hakusan through many layers deep in the ground. The company develops its brewing techniques based on advanced technology, and in 2001, we switched to making all of our sake with only rice and water, free from any distilled alcohol and any additives. We were the first large brewery (with a yearly output of 1.8 million liters or more). In addition, we began developing long-term aged sake in 1959 as pioneers. We now develop food and basic skin-care products using our rice fermentation technology, which we have developed over many years. We are expanding our direct-managed stores to disseminate Japanese sake domestically and abroad.
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